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Air Integrated Dive Computers with AI Sidemount Mode

As diving technology advances, air integrated dive computers have become a desireable tool for many divers. However, sidemount divers have struggled to make air integration work efficiently when having to swap regularly between cylinders. Among the latest dive computer features, dedicated AI sidemount mode allows divers to have precise gas supply information about both primary sidemount cylinders simultaneously.

In this article, I will introduce what I consider to be the top 5 air integrated dive computers on the market that offer a dedicated AI sidemount mode. Additionally, I will list their features and specifications to help you make an informed decision when selecting your next dive computer for sidemount diving.

AI sidemount mode versus multi-transmitter capability

If you are considering adding air integration to your sidemount configuration you will need a dive computer that offers a sidemount AI mode. This mode simultaneously displays gas information for both primary sidemount cylinders on the main screen.

AI sidemount mode differs from air integrated diving computers that simply allow multiple transmitters to be connected, but do not display two cylinders simulataneously on their screen.

Using AI Sidemount mode means you do not need to constantly change your active transmitter whenever you swap between sidemount regulators.

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Dive computers that offer AI sidemount mode

I recommend the following air integrated dive computers with a specialist AI sidemount mode:

  1. Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti
  2. Apeks DSX
  3. Ratio iX3M 2
  4. Shearwater Petrel 3
  5. Ratio iDive Color
  6. Shearwater Teric
  7. Scubapro Galileo 2 

1. Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti (sidemount AI mode)

Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti

  • Algorithm: Bühlmann ZH-L16C with Gradient Factors (VPM-B/GFS optional upgrade)
  • PC Link: SMART ready Bluetooth (dual mode 2.1/4.0)
  • No. Gasses: 5
  • Depth Rating: 140m (guaranteed sensor accuracy) / 260msw (crush depth)
  • Screen Type: 2.2? (320×240 QVGA) colour LCD with always-on LED backlight
  • Battery: User replaceable AA (100 hours in cave mode) or SAFT LS14500 (300 hours in cave mode)
  • Mounting: Elasticated Straps or Integrated Bungee
  • Materials: Injection moulded high tensile/rigidity nylon resin case with titanium bezel and toughened Aluminosilicate glass screen
  • Compass: 3-Axis, tilt compensated, digital compass
  • Price: $1165 computer and $399 per transmitter

2. Apeks DSX (sidemount AI mode)

Apeks DSX

  • Algorithm: Bühlmann ZHL-16C w/GF and Sport Mode
  • PC Link: Bluetooth 5.0
  • No. Gasses: 6
  • Depth Rating: 150m
  • Screen Type: 2.4” Color TFT LCD
  • Battery: Integral rechargeable lithium, with fast cable and induction charging system. 80 hours operating time.
  • Mounting: Elasticated straps or integrated bungee
  • Materials: Titanium outer bezel
  • Compass: 3D digital compass + GPS
  • Price: ~$1400
Apeks DSX with ai sidemount mode and transmitter
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3. Ratio iX3M 2 (sidemount AI mode)

Ratio iX3M 2

  • Algorithm: Bühlmann ZHL-16C, ZHL-16B, ZHL-12 & VPM-B
  • PC Link: USB and Bluetooth
  • No. Gasses: 3 (Pro & Deep) 10 (Tech+)
  • Depth Rating: 200m / 721ft
  • Screen Type: 2.8? (144 dpi / 320×240 pixel) QVGA IPS
  • Battery:  USB rechargeable Li-Ion (20-50 hours in dive mode)(4-5 hours recharge)
  • Mounting: elasticated straps
  • Materials: POM C (Acetal Copolymer moulded resin plastic) and Mackrolon screen
  • Compass: 3D digital compass
  • Price:
    • Pro $700
    • Deep $875
    • Tech+ $1070
    • Transmitter $435
    • (other options are available with Pro and GPS range)
Ratio iX3M 2 with sidemount AI mode

Sidemount Auto-Switch: You just need to start breathing through the tank. iX3M 2 will automatically show your active tank on the screen. You won’t have to press any buttons.

Sidemount Total RBT: The Ratio iX3M 2 calculates the Remaining Bottom Time (RBT) taking into account both primary sidemount tanks.

4. Shearwater Petrel 3 (sidemount AI mode)

Shearwater Petrel 3 OC/CC

  • Algorithm: Bühlmann ZH-L16C with Gradient Factors (VPM-B/GFS optional upgrade)
  • PC Link: SMART ready Bluetooth (dual mode 2.1/4.0)
  • No. Gasses: 5
  • Depth Rating: 140m (guaranteed sensor accuracy) / 290msw (crush depth)
  • Screen Type: 2.6” (320×240 pixels) AMOLED Colour High Contrast
  • Battery:  User replaceable AA (70 hours in cave mode) or SAFT LS14500 (160 hours in cave mode)
  • Mounting: Elasticated straps
  • Materials: CNC milled Delrin with titanium bezel and  toughened aluminosilicate glass screen
  • Compass: 3D digital compass
Shearwater Petrel 3 showing ai sidemount mode

5. Ratio iDive Color (sidemount AI mode)

Ratio iDive Color

  • Algorithm: Bühlmann ZH-L16B w/GF and VPM-B (switchable)
  • PC Link: USB
  • No. Gasses: 2 (Easy) 3(Deep) and 10 (Tech+)
  • Air Integration: 10 transmitters (+ auto-switch sidemount mode)
  • Depth Rating: 220mt / 721ft
  • Screen Type: TFT LED w/IPS, 1.3? (240×240 pixel) 261 ppi
  • Battery: USB rechargeable Li-Ion (25 hours in dive mode)
  • Straps: Polymer (multiple color options available)
  • Materials:  Sapphire Crystal screen with Stainless steel bezel and case.
  • Compass:  3D digital compass
  • Price: ~$999 computer and $435 transmitter
ratio idive ai sidemount mode
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6. Shearwater Teric

Shearwater Teric

  • Algorithm: Bühlmann ZH-L16 with Gradient Factors
  • PC Link: Bluetooth Smart LE
  • No. Gasses: 5 + CCR mode
  • Air Integration: 4 transmitters
  • Depth Rating: 200m
  • Screen Type: 1.39?(400 x 400 pixel) Full Color AMOLED
  • Battery: Rechargeable docking Li-ion Battery; Dive Mode 30+ hours / Watch Mode 50+ hours
  • Strap:  Silicon 22mm standard, with multiple color options available
  • Materials:  Ballistic nylon polymer case and 316 Stainless bezel/buttons with sapphire crystal screen
  • Compass:  3D digital compass
  • Price: ~$1150 computer and $399 per transmitter
Shearwater Teric watch sized dive computer

7. Scubapro Galileo 2 

SCUBAPRO Galileo 2 

  • Algorithm: Bühlmann ZHL-16 Uwatec ADT MB PMG
  • PC Link: USB cable or Bluetooth 
  • No. Gasses: 8
  • Air Integration: 11 transmitters
  • Depth Rating: 120m
  • Screen Type: 2.2″ (320x240p) Full-Color TFT Dot matrix
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery with up to 50 Hours Per Charge
  • Strap: Silicon 22mm standard, with multiple color options available
  • Materials: Fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic slim-line casing case and TR 55 transparent thermoplastic screen
  • Compass: Full tilt digital compass
  • Price: 
    • $1250 computer with 1 transmitter
    • $1015 Computer only
    • $345 Transmitter only
Scubapro Galileo 2 with ai sidemount mode

The best air integrated computers for sidemount divers

Air integrated dive computers have evolved into an indispensable tool for divers, and those venturing into sidemount diving have long faced challenges in efficiently managing air integration.

However, the advent of AI sidemount mode as a key feature in the latest dive computer models now offers divers the ability to precisely monitor gas supply information from both primary sidemount cylinders simultaneously.

In this article, I presented my selection of the top 5 air integrated dive computers with AI sidemount mode:

  1. Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti
  2. Apeks DSX
  3. Ratio iX3M 2
  4. Shearwater Petrel 3
  5. Ratio iDive Color
  6. Shearwater Teric
  7. Scubapro Galileo 2

All of these dive computers provide invaluable real-time gas supply information to sidemount divers, providing real-time gas management and enhancing situational awareness.

Given the increasing popularity of sidemount diving, you can anticipate more dive computer manufacturers to introduce AI sidemount mode on their products in the future.

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