The rig is reminiscent of the UTD Z-Trim and utilizes a similar bungee attachment method (knotted bungees secured by weight retainers on the shoulder straps).  My preference is for bolt-snaps on the bungees, as this is more compatible with using ‘standard’ rental cylinders (left-handed handle/no extended stem) when travelling to teach my courses.  It is just a 2 minute task to change the bungees to that, more conventional, configuration.

aquamundo sidemount wingWhat’s included in the set:

Harness, wing, butt-pocket, trim weight pockets, bungees, cam-bands and bolt-snaps. It’s complete for diving..

Aquamundo Sidemount BCD

I particularly like that the rig comes complete with a decent ‘butt-pocket’ (expandable utility pouch), which attaches to the tail via double-end bolt-snaps (included).  This is a useful solution to carrying varied redundant/back-up ancillaries like; wetnotes, spare mask, finger spools and line arrows.  The sidemount harness has two quick-links to attach the pocket, but I found these a little fiddly.  I will be putting some off-set D-rings in the rear position, either side of the lumbar plate, to make life easier.

Weighting options include two optional trim pockets and also two zipped trim weight sections on the underside of the wing.  When using the rig, I threaded my primary weighting directly onto the spine strap.

D-rings are supplied to facilitate proper trim on the waist harness.  My preference is for low-profile D-rings and, again, it is little effort to swap these out with the supplied ‘regular size’ D-rings.  I find that the low-profile D-rings enable me to reduce some of the cylinder swing/play.

The supplied LPI hose is very long for attaching to the power inflator (which routes from below, as is my preference).  Ideally, if using a left-side regulator with an 5th/end-port (highly recommended), you will only want a 23cm/9inch LPI hose.  Without an end/5th-port regulator, the supplied hose will provide sufficient reach.

Overall, I found this sidemount BCD to provide very good function for recreational/open-water sidemount and a good basis for a robust rig for extreme wreck penetration dives.  Technical divers may want to consider additional options for redundant buoyancy, if they it is necessary (some tech/sidemount courses demand it).   It is robustly constructed and the modular design permits significant personal modification, if desired.   With an initial release price of 25,500php ($593USD) it is competitively priced on the market; offering a realistic alternative to the Hollis SMS50, Razor 2.0 and X-Deep Stealth 2 rigs.

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