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Whilst on their website, also check out their $100 neutral sidemount fins and $600 sidemount canister light!

deep 6 gear sidemount regulator package

Other economical sidemount regulator sets include:

DGX Custom Hollis DC1/212 Sidemount Regulators – $549.00  (DGX  LINK)

HOG Sidemount Regulator Set –  $635.00 (DRIS LINK)

Deco Sidemount BCD – $275

Deco Sidemount sells a very flexible modular sidemount rig, starting from $275.    You can specify harness type (Y or H style), buy the wing as a stand-alone… or even just the wing-only without LPI attachments for just $69.

With 22lbs/10kg of buoyancy, it’s a perfect solution for warm-water/tropical recreational sidemount.  Those with perfected weighting and buoyancy can make this BCD work up to extended range technical diving levels, with aluminium cylinders and wetsuit.

I’ve got a couple of these wings and they really do a nice job.  If new to sidemount, do get advice on how to rig the harness and attach the wing. But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science.

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 The Other Bits and Bobs

So…. with sidemount regulators and BCD covered, all that’s left are a few accessories.

Dive Gear Express sells the following:

  • 7.25”/18cm diameter, 316 stainless steel cylinder bands, with nylon webbing sheath for$5.95 each ($11.90 total)
  • 3.75″/9.5cm medium bolt snap with large swivel-eye for $3.95 ($7.90 total)

The just add some small-change to buy a few meters of 8mm bungee and a few inches of 44o paracord.  These can all be bought for small-change at many diving centres or marine chandlery shops.

….. and there you are. Fully kitted for sidemount diving at a price equivalent (or cheaper!) than equipping yourself for single-tank recreational diving.

About the Author

andy davis technical diving philippines

Andy Davis is a RAID, PADI TecRec, ANDI, BSAC and SSI qualified independent technical diving instructor who specializes in teaching advanced sidemount, trimix and wreck exploration diving courses across South East Asia.  Currently residing in ‘wreck diving heaven’ at Subic Bay, Philippines, he has amassed more than 9000 open circuit and CCR dives over 27 years of diving across the globe.

Andy has published many magazine articles on technical diving, has written course materials for dive training agency syllabus, tests and reviews diving gear for major manufacturers and consults with the Philippines Underwater Archaeology Society.

He is currently writing a series of books to be published on advanced diving topics.  Prior to becoming a professional technical diving educator in 2006, Andy was a commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force and has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Belize and Cyprus.


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