Specialist Sidemount, Advanced Wreck & Technical Diving Courses in Subic Bay, Philippines

High-Performance Diving Courses with Andy Davis

Your diving course in Subic Bay with Andy Davis benefits from 30+ years of high-level dive experience and technical instructor qualification with five different diving agencies.

Choose dive training that is world-renowned for uncompromising standards and high-performance results!

About Andy Davis. Sidemount, Advanced Wreck and Technical Diving courses in Subic Bay, Philippines

This passionate educator has a unique ability to break down the complexities of sidemount diving and deliver it in a way that makes it easy to understand and implement.

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Sidemount Courses in Subic Bay, Philippines

I offer the best sidemount courses in Subic Bay, Philippines. As a pioneering sidemount instructor, renowned worldwide for my technical sidemount diving expertise, I promise that:

  1. My sidemount certification course and high-performance clinics will deliver truly satisfying results.
  2. I will make you an excellent sidemount diver.

If you want to learn sidemount diving, you will not find better instruction!


Technical Diving Courses in Subic Bay, Philippines

With two decades of experience as a technical trimix instructor, my uncompromising technical diving courses in Subic Bay, Philippines, aim to ensure that you are certified as a technical diver with the highest standards of proficiency and justifiable confidence.

All of my technical diving courses certify in Trimix and training can be run using backmount or sidemount tech diving gear.


Advanced Wreck Diving Courses in Subic Bay, Philippines

As a passionate wreck diver for over thirty years, I deliver exceptional quality, highly comprehensive wreck diving courses at introductory and advanced/technical levels.

I also offer exclusive wreck penetration clinics for certified wreck divers. This wreck diving training aims to ensure that you are certified as a confident, comfortable and, most importantly, fully competent wreck diver!


Recreational Diving Courses in Subic Bay, Philippines

I offer a wide range of high-performance RAID recreational diving courses in Subic Bay, Philippines. These uncompromising dive courses are not comparable to ordinary dive specialty courses.

My diving courses are run to ensure you will certify with huge improvements to your all-around diving proficiency and specialist diving skillset!


Recreational scuba diving certification courses available in Subic Bay, Philippines include:

Why do your diving course in Subic Bay, Philippines?

Subic Bay, Philippines is the ideal training location for cutting-edge sidemount, advanced wreck, and technical diving courses. The area boasts 30+ historic wreck diving sites at a variety of diving depths.

  • Subic Bay offers year-round diving opportunities due to its sheltered nature and calm sea conditions.
  • Doing your dive certification course in the tropical Philippines allows you to benefit from longer training dives and more in-water practice time due to warm water conditions and short transits to the dive sites.
Subic Bay Wrecks and Diving Sites

Exclusive Sidemount Diving eBook

If you are a sidemount diver, my exclusive ebook about sidemount diving principles and equipment configuration will fast-track your path to expertise!

This sidemount ebook is selling fast and receiving enormously positive reviews from the sidemount diving community around the world!

Sidemount: Principles For Success ebook by Andy Davis

Sidemount: Principles For Success

NEW RELEASE: My comprehensive ebook on sidemount configuration and development as a diver. 178 Pages. PDF format. Fully Illustrated. $25 USD

Chapters include:

  • Sidemount history, design styles and cylinder principles
  • Harness and bungee setup and sizing
  • Configuring deco/stage cylinders
  • Diagnosing cylinder trim problems
  • Regulators and hardware
  • Training and skillset development

Payment via PayPal

Sidemount: Principles For Success (pdf eBook)

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Andy Davis Technical Sidemount Diving Blog

I’ve been writing articles about sidemount, technical, wreck, and beginner diving on my blog for over a decade. It is recognized as one of the top 10 scuba diving blogs in the world!


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