Nitrox Course in Subic Bay, Philippines

Nitrox certification is a must-have for passionate scuba divers! My nitrox course in Subic Bay, Philippines, will supercharge your underwater exploration. Learn why every experienced diver chooses to certify as a Nitrox Diver!

What is Nitox?

Nitrox, also known as Enriched-Air Nitrox or EANx, is a breathing gas mixture used by scuba divers. Nitrox is made by adding a greater percentage of oxygen, which lowers the proportion of nitrogen that the diver breathes. Breathing less nitrogen means you absorb less nitrogen into your body. Nitrogen absorption is a major factor that limits the time that we can dive at recreational depths.

Why is nitrox certification valuable for scuba divers?

Nitrox has three huge benefits for scuba divers:

  • Longer bottom times!
  • Less risk of DCS on a given dive!
  • Reduced post-dive fatigue!

What do you learn on the nitrox course?

The RAID Nitrox course teaches you about dive planning for Nitrox gas mixes (up to 40%), gas analysis, and cylinder labeling procedures for cylinders. You will also gain an in-depth understanding of oxygen exposure limits, hazards, and contingencies.

The Nitrox course is designed to extend your knowledge and skills in the use of oxygen-enriched gases for recreational diving and is highly recommended before you progress to Advanced 35 and Deep 40 training. This course can be combined with other RAID courses.

Nitrox Course Prerequisites

  • Minimum 15 years old.
  • Certified RAID Open Water 20 or equivalent.
  • Register for FREE at

Nitrox Course Practical Content

  • RAID online eLearning academic presentations
  • Online quizzes & exam
  • Practical skills session.
  • Optional 2 open water training dives (can be combined with other RAID courses)

Nitrox Course Theory Content

RAID online eLearning academic presentations, quizzes, exams and practical skills covering the following topics in detail:

  • Gas planning for Nitrox mixes of up to 40% for recreational diving.
  • Skills to analyze and tag a Nitrox cylinder.
  • Planning for a maximum of 1.4 PpO2 at the target depth.
  • Understanding of the planning for oxygen toxicity and the effects of CNS and OTU.

Nitrox Course Cost

  • RAID Advanced35Significantly improve your diving competency and knowledge for deeper depths.

  • $800certification course Certification fee, gasses and boat costs additional

  • 4+ days
    Recreational Diving Course
  • RAID Deep40A true deep diver course. Develop an exemplary skillset to increase your dive safety.

  • $450certification course Certification fee, gasses and boat costs additional

  • 3+ days
    Recreational Diving Course
  • RAID NitroxLearn to use EANx (enriched air nitrox) to improve your safety and extend bottom times.

  • $100certification course Certification fee, gasses and boat costs additional

  • 1 Day
    Recreational Diving Course
  • Skills ClinicTailored training to meet your developmental needs.

  • $200per day Gasses and boat costs additional

  • Per day
    Recreational Diving Course

**FREE if combined with any other course

The stated cost includes all tuition and instruction from Andy Davis

  • Max 3 per course
  • Scheduled courses will be run even if just one student
  • Discounts available for group booking
  • Private lessons are available at a 50% surcharge
  • Training in Subic Bay, Philippines
  • Courses can be scheduled to meet your requirements
  • 25% non-refundable deposit to confirm attendance on the course

Tuition cost excludes; course registration fees, as per the RAID website, and hosting dive center fees covering tank rentals, nitrox fills, and boat costs, if applicable. Instructor diving expenses are split between students.

Contact Andy to book your nitrox course in Subic Bay!

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