RAID Performance Diver

The RAID Performance Diver course delivers world-class fundamental (fundies) proficiency training that will benefit recreational and technical divers at any level.

This course is highly recommended preparatory training for my technical, sidemount and advanced wreck courses.

You can undertake this course in any open-circuit configuration; single-tank, twinset/doubles or sidemount (if qualified). Single-tank training is completed in backplate/wing style BCD with long hose – according to Hogarthian (DIR-type) principles.

What are fundies diving skills?

Fundies (fundamental diving skills) are core scuba diving skills that are refined through deliberate practice to a level of consistent, reliable mastery. Fundies skills include; precision buoyancy control, natural horizontal trim, efficient non-silting propulsion techniques, situational awareness, team diving, DSBM deployment, ascent and descent protocols, emergency skills, dive planning and gas management.

What are the Performance Diver course prerequisites?

  • Minimum 15 years old.
  • Certified RAID Open Water20 or equivalent.
  • Register for FREE at

Why choose the Performance Diver course?

The Performance Diver course, taught by Andy Davis, delivers a wealth of instructor experience and expertise that will develop robust and reliable fundamental (fundies) diving skills

The aim of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to perform competently, confidently and comfortably on their future dives and scuba training courses.

Ten reasons to choose this course:

  • World renown, pioneering technical instructor
  • Decades of EXPERIENCE, exclusively in sidemount, trimix & overhead diving
  • Delivers a PROVEN system that gets IMMEDIATE student results
  • Full equipment workshop – learn the principles of how gear SHOULD work
  • NO COMPROMISES on quality: ample in-water time for practice
  • High emphasis on developing buoyancy, trim, control and propulsion skills
  • Challenging drills to increase your familiarity, confidence and competency
  • Promotes self-reliant, proficient and comfortable diving
  • All skills and dives in neutral buoyancy, horizontal trim (no kneeling!)
  • Effective preparation for sidemount technical, wreck and cave diving
fundies fundamentals skills tech technical sidemount diving diver training course

Performance Diver syllabus

On the Performance Diver course, you conduct intensive, dedicated practice to achieve significant improvements in:

  • Equipment configuration – to empower streamlining and reduce task loading.
  • Precision buoyancy control
  • Consistently reliable horizontal trim
  • Advanced propulsion techniques, including;
    • frog kick and modified flutter kick
    • helicopter turn and back/reverse kick
  • DSMB deployment
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Best-practice emergency procedures
  • Advanced ascent and descent protocols
  • Basic decompression theory
  • Equipment failure drills – including lost mask and varied regulator failure scenarios
  • Gas management and planning

Course duration

This fundies skills course lasts two (2) days and typically involves 240+ minutes of intensive in-water practice. The course can be extended in duration if students require more time to achieve all syllabus skills in consistent neutral buoyancy and horizontal trim.

How much does the Performance Diver course cost?

  • Performance DiverFundamental Diving Skills

  • $400certification course Buoyancy, trim, propulsion, situational awareness, protocols, gas planning

  • 2 days
    Diving Course
  • Twinset/DoublesDIR Backmount Double Cylinders

  • $450certification course Certify in the proper configuration, skills and protocols for backmount doubles

  • 2-3 days
    Diving Course
  • Master RescuePrevent emergencies and save lives

  • $750certification course Life saving, accident prevention and emergency management

  • 3-4 days
    Diving Course
  • Drysuit DiverEssential training for safe drysuit use

  • $400certification course Buoyancy control, key skills, and essential tips

  • 2 days
    Diving Course
  • maximum 3 per course.
  • Scheduled courses will be run even if just one student
  • Discounts available for group booking
  • Private lessons are available at a 50% surcharge
  • Courses can be scheduled to meet your requirements
  • 25% non-refundable deposit to confirm attendance on the course

Tuition cost excludes course registration fees, as per the RAID website, and hosting dive shop fees covering tank rentals, and boat costs, as required. Instructor diving costs are split between students.

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