Advanced Diver Course in Subic Bay: Advanced35

Are you ready to take your diving skills to new depths? My advanced diver certification course is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and dramatically improve your diving abilities. With this high-quality training, you’ll develop advanced fundamental skills, gain confidence, and enhance your diving proficiency, all while expanding your experience and increasing your comfort zone.

With an advanced diving certification, you’ll have the ability to explore deeper depths, plan and conduct more complex dives, and refine your skillset for a safer and more enjoyable experience. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – sign up for my Advanced Diver certification course today!

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About the RAID Advanced35 advanced diver course

RAID Advanced35 is an advanced diver course that takes your diving to a distinctly higher level. Don’t confuse this certification with other “Advanced Open Water” courses that are merely a collection of glorified fun dives. This truly developmental course will transform you into a much more competent, confident, and comfortable diver!

In addition to a comprehensive eLearning study, this course consists of 3 confined water sessions and 6 intensive open water training dives (6+ hours in-water practice). The course qualifies the diver to conduct advanced no-stop dives to a maximum depth of 35m/115ft.

Advanced Diver Course Prerequisites

  • Minimum 15 years old.
  • Certified RAID Open Water 20 or equivalent.
  • Nitrox qualification is recommended
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This course is open to divers of all levels – you do not need to be an experienced diver. As long as you have your Open Water Certification, you have the necessary core competencies to continue your diving journey with Advanced35 training. Many students choose to go directly from Open Water to advanced diver certification; there is a minimum number of dives required. Trust me to guide you every step of the way as you take your confidence, comfort and competency to another level!

Why choose the advanced diver course?

The prestigious RAID Advanced35 course, taught by Andy Davis, reflects world-class diving education delivered at the highest standards. No compromise is made on course quality. This course is a true Advanced DIVER certification; developing student competency and proficiency to a level of excellence.

Ten reasons why YOU need this advanced diver course:

  1. Attain tech-standard precision buoyancy and effective trim.
  2. Advanced propulsion; frog kick, modified flutter, helicopter turn & back kick.
  3. Develop team diving skills and increased situational awareness.
  4. Training conducted using Backplate & Wing BCD with a long hose.
  5. Rescue skills, Gas Management (SAC), DSMB, and Intro-to-Doubles included.
  6. Dive with back-mounted doubles or single with pony cylinder.
  7. All skills and dives in neutral buoyancy, horizontal trim (no kneeling!).
  8. Typically 8-10 hours of actual in-water practice time.
  9. Skills are genuinely mastered, not ticked off a list in a rush.
  10. Effective preparation for future technical diving training.

Comparing advanced diving certifications

Use this table to compare the RAID Advanced35 course with a popular alternative:

RAID Advanced35 Comparison PADI AOW

Advanced Diver Course (Advanced35) cost

  • RAID Advanced35Significantly improve your diving competency and knowledge for deeper depths.

  • $800certification course Certification fee, gasses and boat costs additional

  • 4+ days
    Recreational Diving Course
  • RAID Deep40A true deep diver course. Develop an exemplary skillset to increase your dive safety.

  • $450certification course Certification fee, gasses and boat costs additional

  • 3+ days
    Recreational Diving Course
  • RAID NitroxLearn to use EANx (enriched air nitrox) to improve your safety and extend bottom times.

  • $100certification course Certification fee, gasses and boat costs additional

  • 1 Day
    Recreational Diving Course
  • Skills ClinicTailored training to meet your developmental needs.

  • $200per day Gasses and boat costs additional

  • Per day
    Recreational Diving Course

*add RAID Nitrox training for free!

The stated cost includes all tuition and instruction from Andy Davis:

  • Max 3 per course (no minimum)
  • Scheduled courses will be run even if just one student
  • Discounts available for group booking
  • Private lessons are available at a 50% surcharge
  • Training in Subic Bay or Anilao, Philippines
  • Other locations available upon request
  • Courses can be scheduled to meet your requirements
  • 25% non-refundable deposit to confirm attendance on the course

Tuition cost excludes certification fees, as per the RAID website, hosting dive shop fees including tank rentals, nitrox fills (optional), and boat costs as required. Instructor diving expenses are split between students.

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