Advanced Wreck Course in Subic Bay, Philippines

About the RAID Advanced Wreck Course

The RAID Advanced Wreck course delivers truly advanced-level wreck penetration skills to create confident, competent, and comfortable wreck specialist divers. The course is an entirely overhead environment focused and goes well beyond the introductory wreck training typically provided on other agency wreck diver specialty programs.

This advanced wreck course is well suited to technical and experienced recreational divers seeking comprehensive wreck penetration proficiency skills. Training can be provided in sidemount and backmount configurations. Course training dives include; one shallow skill development dive and six wreck penetration dives.

What are the Advanced Wreck course prerequisites?

  • Advanced open water or equivalent (recreational level)
  • Recommended: Deep Diver, Nitrox, and Rescue
  • Deco40 or equivalent (technical level)
  • 18 years of age
  • Robust fundamental diving skills: preparatory training is available, when necessary

Why choose this advanced wreck diving course?

This is one of the most comprehensive and complete wreck penetration courses available. It is modeled to be equivalent in standard to a cave diving course. The course is taught by Andy Davis, who has amassed decades of technical wreck exploration diving experience, along with technical wreck instructor ratings with multiple diving agencies.

By achieving certification, you will have the confidence, comfort, and competence necessary to conduct challenging wreck exploration dives with a high level of safety. The certification course teaches current wreck penetration best practices and promotes a “Do It Right” (DIR) philosophy of diving.

Why get your wreck penetration training in Subic Bay?

In over three decades as a passionate wreck diver and technical diving instructor, I have never found a location that equaled Subic Bay in offering the most ideal wreck penetration training sites. Subic Bay has several well-preserved large shipwrecks at shallow depths which offer both long training dives and extensive areas for practicing penetration techniques. I choose Subic Bay as my preferred location for wreck training because my students benefit from maximized in-water training time and the widest experience acquisition during their courses.

What is the advanced wreck training schedule?

My exclusive and uncompromising course is 4+ days in duration and includes 6 intensive wreck dives.

  • Day #1
    • Morning: Theory and equipment workshop
    • Afternoon: Confined water fundamental wreck skills
  • Day #2
    • Morning: skills and protocols dry-land practice
    • Afternoon:
      • Dive 1: Guideline laying and reel use
      • Dive 2: Maneuvering in confined spaces
  • Day #3
    • Morning: Dry skills and team rehearsal
    • Afternoon:
      • Dive 3: Wreck emergency protocols
      • Dive 4: Instructor-led wreck penetration
  • Day #4 
    • Morning: Student dive planning
    • Afternoon:
      • Dive 5: Student-led wreck penetration
      • Dive 6: Student-led wreck penetration
  • Day #5 (optional) Two extended wreck penetration dives

This wreck penetration certification course has a steep learning curve and certification is performance-based. To ensure the highest chance of success, students should start with robust and reliable fundamental diving skills. I offer preparatory training, via the Performance Diver course, for students who may need to develop their fundamental skills prior to starting the course.

What is the Advanced Wreck course syllabus?

RAID online eLearning and instructor-driven academic presentations, quizzes, exams, and practical skills covering the following topics in detail;

  • Advanced wreck dive planning
  • Specialist diving equipment and configuration
  • Gas management and selection
  • Guideline use and safety
  • Overhead environment emergency protocols
  • Contingency planning
  • Team diving and situational awareness

What skills do you learn for advanced wreck penetration?

  • Precision dive planning
  • Equipment configuration and stowage
  • Use of primary guideline reel and safety reel
  • Entanglement procedures
  • Lost guideline procedures
  • Lost buddy procedures
  • Light failure procedures
  • Loss of breathing gas & gas sharing procedures
  • Tactile/touch communications
  • Silt-out conditions or loss of visibility procedures
  • Non-silting propulsion and confined space maneuvering

How much does this wreck penetration course cost?

  • BeginnerRAID Wreck Diver

  • $200course 1 day, 2 dives, plus skills development

  • 1 day
    Wreck Course
  • Non-Penetration Basics
  • AdvancedRAID Advanced Wreck Diver

  • $1000course Wreck Penetration Diving

  • 5+ days
    Wreck Course
  • Wreck Penetration
  • Tech Add-OnDecompression and/or Beyond the Light Zone Penetration

  • $250per day Pay per day

  • per day
    Wreck Course
  • Deco + Full Penetration
  • Wreck ClinicFlexible and tailored to your needs as a certified wreck diver

  • $200per day Flexible goals

  • per day
    Wreck Course
  • If Certified In Wreck

Performance Diver + Advanced Wreck (7 Days): $1200

Doubles Diver + Advanced Wreck (7 Days): $1200

Sidemount + Advanced Wreck (8 Days): $1300

The stated cost includes all tuition and instruction from Andy Davis.

  • Max 3 per course
  • Scheduled courses will be run even if just one student
  • Discounts available for group booking
  • Private lessons are available at a 50% surcharge
  • Courses can be scheduled to meet your requirements
  • 25% non-refundable deposit to confirm attendance on the course

Tuition Cost excludes the course eLearning and certification fee, as per the RAID website, hosting dive shop fees covering tank rentals, nitrox/trimix fills, and boat costs as required. Instructor dive expenses are split between students.

Tech Supplement:  $250 per day. Additional days of training are available for technical-qualified students to complete progressively more challenging wreck penetration dives (typically into the USS New York ACR-2). Dives may include decompression and beyond-light-zone diving.

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