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Let’s take your diving to the next level
Ten Reasons Why Andy Should Be Your Next Instructor…
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by (author). A Fatal Attempt: Guy Garman | World Depth Record Fatality 2015 Guy Garman: World Depth Record Fatality…

by (author). DCS and the Immune System DCS and the Immune System
The microbubble effect
The link between DCS and…

by (author). Are You A Prestigious Diver? Are You A Prestigious Diver?
The prestigious diver
If you dive…

Going to check out this new diving eBook. Looks fascinating!

My shortlist and review of the best technical diving books for your bookshelf. Perfect timing if anyone needs to buy a seasonal present for the diver in their life....

Blog post: Accident analysis of the Christine Gauci fatality

I created some new diving/ocean-themed designs for my eStore. Available on a wide range of clothing, accessories and home products.Would value any feedback or suggestions people may have. ❤

New blog post: Is Solo Diving Safe?
Sidemount Equipment Primer
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Trip to the F4 Phantom wreck om another gloriously sunny morning.