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Please use the form below to contact Andy Davis Technical Diving for further details of exclusive sidemount technical wreck diving courses.

Pre-Course Consultation

If you are interested in training with me, let’s discuss your current diving skill level and the goals you seek to attain from sidemount technical wreck training. A consultative approach helps me to succeed in my aim to provide the right training for each individual to achieve realistic expectations.

Communication prior to booking will also help you to gain an appreciation of my training philosophies, personal experience and whether¬† I am a good ‘fit’ for you as an instructor. It’s always wise to research and interview an instructor for advanced diving training – so I encourage you to ask any questions you want… I will answer.

Andy Davis Technical Diving Consultation

My blog contains a wealth of information and advice, but you are also welcome to contact me with any questions about sidemount, wreck and technical diving. I am happy to assist fellow divers, even if they are not my physical students. Perhaps just consider buying me a coffee if you find my free advice beneficial.

I also offer more comprehensive paid diving consultation via online conference. During this one-to-one time, we can cover any specific areas of advanced diving skillset, equipment configuration or academic theory topics.

*note students booked onto courses do not need to pay for consultation time.

One-to-one consultation can be booked at this link: One-to-One Video Mentoring