Tuition Costs:

Stated cost includes all tuition and instruction from Andy Davis

  • Max 3 per course
  • Scheduled courses will be run even if just one student
  • Discounts available for group booking
  • Private lessons available at 50% surcharge
  • Training in Subic Bay or Anilao, Philippines
  • Other locations available on consultation
  • Courses can be scheduled to meet your requirements
  • 25% non-refundable deposit to confirm attendance on course

Tuition Cost excludes: Course registration fees, as per RAID website. Course facility fees covering tank rentals, nitrox/trimix fills and boat costs as required.  Instructor expenses – split between students.  Materials and certification fees for PADI courses. Remedial training beyond stated course schedule.

RAID Advanced35Advanced Recreational Diving4-5$600
RAID Deep40Advanced Deep Diving3-4$450
PADI Deep DiverIntroduction to Deep Diving2$300
PADI Advanced OWOpen Water Experience Development2$300
Skills ClinicFlexible, tailored non-certification training1$150 per day
Technical FoundationsTechnical level skill proficiency clinic1-4$150 per day
RAID SidemountFull Sidemount Diver Training3-4$450
PADI Basic SidemountIntroduction to Sidemount2$300
TecRec SidemountSidemount conversion for technical divers4$800
Sidemount ClinicFlexible, tailored non-certification training1$150 per day
RAID Deco40Decompression 40m Trimix3$600
RAID Deco50Extended Range 50m Trimix6-7$1500
TecRec Tec40Introduction to technical diving2$400
TecRec Tec45Accelerated decompression diving2$400
TecRec Tec50Extended Range diving2$400
TecRec Tech DeepCombines Tec40/45/50 in a single course6$1200
TecRec Tec65Trimix (normoxic)6$1200
TecRecTec90Advanced Trimix (hypoxic)3$600
TecRec Tech TrimixCombines Tec65/90 in a single course9$1800
Technical Skills ClinicImprove your technical diving skills1$200 per day
RAID Basic WreckNon-Penetration Wreck Diving1$150
RAID Advanced WreckWreck Penetration4$600
PADI Wreck DiverIntroduction to Wreck Diving2$300
TecRec Technical WreckTechnical Wreck Penetration5$1250
Recreational Wreck ClinicFlexible, tailored non-certification training1$150 per day
Technical Wreck ClinicFlexible, tailored non-certification training1$200 per day

*all courses subject to qualification and skill proficiency prerequisites

*applicants are strongly suggested to consult about required skill proficiencies

*remedial training (at clinic rates) can be provided prior to course start, if required

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