RAID-diving course philippinesINTRODUCTION

The RAID Deep 40 course is the real thing…a true deep diving course for recreational divers.

This course introduces technical concepts and standards; and encourages the use redundant gas sources (sidemount, backmount doubles or single cylinder with a bailout pony).  Students can use nitrox or trimix up to 20% He.

The practical aspect course consists of confined water skills and 4 training dives (5+ hours in-water) and qualifies the diver to conduct advanced no-stop dives to a maximum depth of 35m/115ft.


  • Minimum 15 years old.
  • Certified RAID Advanced 35 or equivalent.
  • 8 hours logged dive time
  • Nitrox qualification is recommended
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The Deep 40 course is made up of 1 Confined Skills Clinic and 4 Open Water dives;

  • Dive 1 – 30m /100ft
  • Dive 2 – 35m/115ft
  • Dive 3 -40m / 130ft
  • Dive 4- 40m / 130ft

Maximum nitrox blend = 1.4ppO2 at bottom depth (nitrox at extra cost)

Maximum helium blend = 20% He  (trimix at extra cost)

All skills developed during this program are  applies cumulatively; so the skills learned on the first dive will be applied on each successive dive. A high standard of mastery is applied throughout the entire program and certification is entirely performance-based.

Theory Course Content

RAID online eLearning academic presentations, quizzes, exam and practical skills covering the following topics in detail;

  • The History of Deep Diving.
  • Reasons for Deep Diving
  • Your Personal Equipment
  • Specialized Equipment for Deep Diving
  • Deep Diving Physics
  • Deep Diving Physiology
  • Planning Procedures for Deep Diving
  • What you can do to further your knowledge and skill

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