Top-5 Best Sidemount Fins 2023

best sidemount-fins
Choosing the right set of sidemount fins is an important decision. They have a profound effect on diver trim and control. With that recommendation in mind, here is my pick of the top 5 warm-water sidemount fins.
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Why Do Divers Use Helium?

why do divers use helium recreational trimix technical diving
Find out the three reasons why divers use helium in their breathing gas to increase diving safety. Scuba agencies havie differing policies on training for helium diving.
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How To Use Less Air When Scuba Diving?

How to use less air when scuba diving
The question of using less air when scuba diving is one of the most pressing issues that a majority of newly qualified divers ask. The best way to use less air while scuba diving is to address the root cause of higher air consumption, not to focus on the symptoms.
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RAID Instructor Cross-Over: My Course Review

Early in 2017, I made a decision to cross-over my scuba diving instructor rating to RAID. What I liked about RAID was that they were aiming for quality, not quantity. That was reflected in their syllabus, as well as having stringent and measurable performance standards at every level.
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Top-20 Best Wreck Dives in the World

If you're a wreck diving enthusiast, you know that not all dive sites are created equal. I've put together the ultimate bucket list of the top 20 best wreck dives in the world that will take you on an unforgettable journey to some of the most intriguing underwater sites on the planet.
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Diving Equipment: Bungee Secured Safety Spool

safety spool for wreck and cave diving how to configure set up

Bungee Secured Safety Spool A configuration idea to setup a finger spool for safety use in wreck and cave diving   Here’s my approach to configuring a very secure, yet easy to deploy safety spool for overhead environment diving. It…

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Is Sidemount Diving Technical Diving?

is sidemount diving technical diving?
Sidemount diving has soared in popularity since 2012, but some still debate whether it is technical level diving or exclusively suitable for only specific diving niches. Let's explore that debate!
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The Scuba Diving Industry: Cost Versus Quality

Here's a contentious suggestion for the scuba diving industry; training agency affiliation can become a barrier to quality differentiation when trying to compete in the market on something other than offering the cheapest possible price.
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The $1200 Budget Sidemount Diver


The $1200 Budget Sidemount Diver You can be a budget sidemount diver – and not have to make compromises on equipment function or safety. Sidemount really got popular over the last five years, but one factor that causes some divers…

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The Desperate Dive Shop

dive shop scuba problems business industry
Many dive shop owners follow a very flawed business model. It's hurting them and makes them desperate. Diving consumers owe desperate dive shops nothing. That's the quintessential nature of the consumer-supplier relationship. It's the responsibility of dive shops to find a more profitable business model.
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Are You A Prestigious Diver?


Are You A Prestigious Diver? The prestigious diver If you dive regularly, you’ve probably met a prestigious diver already. They’ve got the good gear. They’ve done reputable courses. They talk about diving philosophies. They advocate for better diving training and…

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Top 5 Convertible Hybrid Sidemount Systems

nomad xt sidemount hybrid sidemount systems

Top 5 Convertible Hybrid Sidemount Systems by Andy Davis My list of the top 5 most popular hybrid sidemount systems currently available worldwide. All of these hybrid systems are able to be converted for sidemount and backmount singles/doubles use. Hybrid…

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Scuba Diving Buddy Separation Safety Protocols

Scuba Diving Safety Protocols: Buddy Separation by Andy Davis Losing your buddy is an easy way to ruining a good dive.  Being alone underwater can cause many divers apprehension.  It often also ends in an aborted dive  – which sucks…

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The Importance of Deep Stops by Richard L. Pyle

technical diving subic bay philipines

The Importance of Deep Stops: Rethinking Ascent Patterns From Decompression Dives An abridged version of this deep stops article was originally in DeepTech, 5:64; and the full version was subsequently published in Cave Diving Group Newsletter, 121:2-5. by Richard L.…

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Philippines Underwater Archaeology | Shipwreck Resources

best wreck diving course advice Philippines Underwater Archaeology

Philippines Underwater Archaeology, Shipwreck and Salvage Resources This is my resource link page for useful information on Philippines underwater archaeology, shipwreck resources and information about marine salvage. With a rich maritime history, including lots of action during World War Two,…

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Is Solo Diving Safe?

Scuba Diving Q&A. Andy Davis. Advice tips how to diver dive sidemount technical tech wreck questions answers

 Is Solo Diving Safe? Question: Is solo diving safe and recommended? What do I need to consider if thinking to go solo diving? Answer: Solo diving is ‘recommended’ insofar as most of the scuba training agencies have offered solo qualification…

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