Andy Davis

Andy Davis

Passionate scuba educator, technical sidemount diving fanatic and wreck diving explorer. RAID, PADI, TecRec, SSI and BSAC qualified technical diving instructor. Subic Bay, Philippines. Former Royal Air Force officer. 30+ years of high-level global dive experience.

Top-20 Best Wreck Dives in the World

If you're a wreck diving enthusiast, you know that not all dive sites are created equal. I've put together the ultimate bucket list of the top 20 best wreck dives in the world that will take you on an unforgettable journey to some of the most intriguing underwater sites on the planet.

The Desperate Dive Shop

dive shop scuba problems business industry
Many dive shop owners follow a very flawed business model. It's hurting them and makes them desperate. Diving consumers owe desperate dive shops nothing. That's the quintessential nature of the consumer-supplier relationship. It's the responsibility of dive shops to find a more profitable business model.

Are You A Prestigious Diver?


Are You A Prestigious Diver? The prestigious diver If you dive regularly, you’ve probably met a prestigious diver already. They’ve got the good gear. They’ve done reputable courses. They talk about diving philosophies. They advocate for better diving training and…